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Simon Smith aka eVestigator has over 20 years experience as a Master Computer Programmer and University lecturer in multiple languages, is certified as a CHFI (Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator), Licensed Private Investigator (779-290-61S) and Expert Witness, and is a Computer Forensics Expert. He provides cyber-legal investigations and expert reports as well as Expert services beyond the scope of most IT experts.

He is also an AppStore Developer and trainer of programmers. He has appeared on Channel 7 and Channel 9 on Cyber-bullying, Cyber-crime, Cyber-stalking and is an expert in Loss Adjustment, Mitigation, High-Tech Crime, IP theft, Packet Sniffing, RFID, WiFi, Ethical Hacking, and Social Media abuse. He offers fast and cost effective services and has solved many SCAMS. He specialises in Cyber-Stalking, High-Tech Cyber-Legal, Family, Insurance, Corporate Fraud and Custody cases. He invented a computer patent and trained Barristers and Psychologists in Family Dispute Resolution. He holds several Post-graduate Qualifications from IT, Security, Investigative and Counter-Terrorism tactics & more. He is considered a master in his field, and is Australia's most elite Computer Expert Forensics Investigator & Expert Witness and often conquers cases in court with his expert evidence.

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eVestigator Simon Smith - Computer Digital Forensic Expert - Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator, Private Investigator, CyberCrime Expert, Australia's #1 Cyber Court Expert Witness / Opinion - Case Resolver has produced a Penetration Testing application that goes through all 65535 ports of a Company's corporate internet system looking for vulnerabilities.

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